The Taste of Wigilia
    Old World Trees and Ornaments
    This Christmas, Rediscover Your Heritage
    The Polish Christmas Tradition
    Wigilia Checklist & Christmas Reminders
    How American Polonia Celebrates Christmas
    The Breaking of Oplatek
    Oplatek: The Bread of Life
    Polish Christmas Customs
    Wigilia: Center of the Polish Christmas
    Polonizing Polonia’s Christmas
    Adore the Lord with Our Lady of Expectation
    Szopka Krakowska, the Polish Christmas Creche
    Wigilia: Traditional and Simplified
    A Polish American's Christmas in Poland
    Koledy: Download lyrics from the PAJ’s Polish Village Christmas Vol. 1
    Koledy: Download lyrics from the PAJ’s Polish Village Christmas Vol. 2

    Why Sleighs Have Bells

    Paczki Day
    Also known as Shrove Tuesday. Complete with a recipe for your own home-made paczki

    Polish Easter Dictionary
    Swieconka for Beginners
    What to Place in Your Easter Basket
    How to “Write” an Easter Egg
    Ideas and Suggestions to Bring Some Polishness to Your Easter
    Traditions of a Polish Easter
    Polish Easter Customs & Motifs (And what can be done about them!)
    Polish Easter eggs galore!
    The Origins of Dyngus Day

    3rd of May
    Celebrating Poland’s Gift to Humanity
    Planning Your May 3rd Observances

    Mother’s Day / Feast of the Virgin Mary
    Adoration of Mary is Part of Our Consciousness

    St. John’s Night
    Also known as “Sobotka,” this mid-summer celebration

    How to Make Your Polish Harvest Festival Authentic

    November 1 and 2 — All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days
    Zaduszki, Dziady: The Day of the Dead


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