North America’s Polish Food Providers
Compiled by Robert Strybel

If you live in or near a traditional Polish neighborhood, then access to Polish style meats, deli products, baked goods and specialties imported from Poland is usually no problem. But more and more Polish Americans now live some distance away from their or their parents’ original ethnic stomping ground, sometimes in areas containing few Polish Americans. Getting genuine Polish delicacies in such places may border on the impossible.

At the same time, new Polish groceries, sausage shops, bakeries, delis and even supermarkets are springing up here and there across the US and Canada. Many of them offer online shopping and to-your-doorstep delivery. There are also suppliers that sell their products exclusively via the Internet.

This list has been compiled to help make traditional Polish food products more widely available to readers of this news outlet. Not all the businesses listed below specialize solely or even primarily in Polish-style foods, but at the time of the listing they did offer a number of Polish delicacies.

It should also be borne in mind that the food business is a fairly unstable field at the best of times, let alone during an economic crisis. That means that such business may change management, alter their product profile or go out of business overnight. By the same token, a new Polish deli or bakery may pop up anytime in a neighboring town or right around the corner.

If you know of any Polish food supplier that is not listed but should be or hear that one of the below-listed establishments is no longer in business or no longer offers Polish items, please drop me a line at: Such updates will help keep this list as fresh and useful as possible.

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