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Polish Holiday Cookery acquaints readers with traditional Polish foods associated with various occasions and furnishes countless cooking tips and serving suggestions. This "instruction manual for the culturally aware Polish American" offers more than 400 recipes, along with a lexicon of basic foods and culinary concepts, ingredients and procedures, and sample menus. The clearly-written recipes facilitate the preparation of the dishes and their incorporation in the Polish-American mainstream culture.

Polish Holiday Cookery covers holidays such as Christmas and Easter, as well as celebrations year-round. Ideas for banquets, picnics, dinners, and family favorites abound throughout, ensuring that cooks have a selection of dishes for any occasion.

Robert Strybel was born in a once predominantly Polish suburb of Detroit, Michigan. He received a master's degree in Polish studies from the University of Wisconsin, and taught Polish language and history courses before moving to Warsaw, Poland. He spent more than three decades there as a correspondent for the Polish-American press, and worked for Reuters News Agency. With his Polish-born wife, Maria, he co-authored Polish Heritage Cookery, believed to be the largest Polish cookbook (rich of some 2,200 recipes) published in English.

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